⌈ The girl runs, faster than anyone,

to race through the present, to

to search for the past left behind. ⌋


⌈ See full list in completion order ⌋

Corpse Party: Tortured Souls


Date a Live


Nagi no Asukara


Kotonoha no Niwa


Death Note Rewrite


Eve no Jikan


Kara no Kyoukai: Mirai Fukuin - Extra Chorus


Big Order




Shaman King


Ajin 2nd Season


Koe no Katachi


MAL Graph Achievements

Normal high school boy

Slice of life: level 1


Romance: level 1

Growing suspicions

Mystery: level 1

What exactly did I just watch?

Dementia/Psychological: level 1

cute × ( girls + things )

Slice of life: level 2

The first step

Passed 100 mark

Unrequited lover

Romance: level 2

Detective's assistant

Mystery: level 2

Cassette tape

Classics: level 1


I'll endure anything

My mind is full of fu**

Dementia/Psychological: level 2

So manly I can't breathe

GAR: level 1

Sparkles and bubbles

Romance: level 3

Hentai Overlord


Casual watcher

Passed 200 mark

Me? PILOT this thing?!

Mecha: level 1

History class

Historical: level 1

Genius detective

Mystery: level 3

A millionaire

Passed 300 mark

Feels... weird, man

It's just an ice cream

Paranoia fuel

Horror/Thriller: level 1

Is this the real life?

Dementia/Psychological: level 3

Bragging rights

Passed 400 mark

Signed the contract

Mahou Shoujo: level 1

Testosterone storm

GAR: level 2

Blink, and you'll miss it

Shorts: level 1

A lot of free time

Passed 500 mark


Sports: level 1

Not even my final form

Passed 750 mark

Magic is my middle name

Mahou Shoujo: level 2

Too many teeth

Horror/Thriller: level 2

Solid color

Classics: level 2

Quickie addict

Shorts: level 2

Extreme phobia

Horror/Thriller: level 3

Gettin' your keys on!

Music: level 1

You are already man

GAR: level 3

Gotta watch them all!

Passed 1000 mark

It's raining... tragic backstories!

Classics: level 3

Get your head in the game

Sports: level 2

A look at passing time

Historical: level 2

Block by block

Shorts: level 3


Mecha: level 2

Welcome to the Big Leagues

Sports: level 3

3... 2... 1... Liftoff!

Space: level 1

Enjoying life

Slice of life: level 1

This is even better live

Music: level 2

The Collector

Passed 1500 mark